Senior Program

Row Therapy

We have special Row Therapy for senior people.Due to the feature of the indoor rowing, senior group could also achieve the training with our instructors’ professional guide. Let us know your needs, then we will provide you a pertect experience

Rehabilitation Service

Senior rehabilitation through indoor rowing involves using a rowing machine (ergometer) to help older adults improve their physical health, recover from injuries, or manage chronic conditions. This form of exercise is low-impact, making it gentle on the joints while providing a full-body workout that strengthens muscles, enhances cardiovascular health, and improves flexibility. For seniors who need rehabilitation service, Rowthelifestyle could be the best choice and we will set up track system to always check candidates’ status. Contact us and to learn more!

Diabetes and Obesity Control

According to the research, doing aerobic exercises can effectively control the blood glucose. Luckily, Rowthfelistyle could provide this type of sport. We have seen a lot of patients are struggling because of the drug abuse. We wish our service could provide them a cheap but effectively way to fight with those disease. Thus, we developed Diabetes and Obesity Control program. Contact us and to learn more details!